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#2 November 26 2013, 0 Comments

Celebrating Milk's 2 month anniversary, it's been a good run so far. We've sent out a ton of shirts, shoes and coloring books.

Got a low-key cameo in Teen Vogue

Have been repped from Coast to Coast (Emma at Stanford and Alp in New York):

And along with campus publications, we got our first blog write up the other week in Chicago's Dream Till Green, named one of "9 Up-and-Coming Blogs You Need to Be Reading" by Refinery 29.

Hopefully the rest of November and December will be even better, be on the lookout for new designs in the coming months.

Much love,



#1 September 25 2013, 0 Comments

I promised myself I would launch this company by my 21st birthday a long time ago. I've slept seven hours since Sunday morning (it's Wednesday) and it looks like I'm going to meet the deadline with an hour to spare. I spent four months designing this collection and didn't show it to a soul that whole time. I'm exhausted, anxious, and incredibly excited to now show the Milk Supply Co. to the world. Time to go celebrate and legally pop a bottle of champagne for the first time. Hope everyone loves what they see, I loved making it.

Here's to a good night, happy birthday to me,